NCLEX-RN Review Course: Nursing Board Prep for Registered Nurses

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NCLEX-RN Review 2018 – For First Time and Repeat Test Takers

Nursing Students & Graduates:

The most important test that any nurse will ever take is the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN®), validating safety to practice nursing and opening the door to professional nursing practice opportunities. Therefore, preparation for the NCLEX must begin early and provide a foundation on which to hang the nursing knowledge and the skill base on which safe practice is built. GraduateX’s NCLEX-RN Review Package is authored with understanding of the essential process and its relationship to NCLEX success. We’ve observed nursing students struggle with NCLEX preparation and have learned what works and what does not.

Beyond the  exhaustive list of questions attached to a detailed rationales and answer explanations, this unique review presents a group of unfolding case studies that tell stories about real patients, clinical issues, and the role of the nurse in providing high-quality, safe care along with comprehensive NCLEX-RN Strategies and Exam Breakdown.

Integrated into each unfolding case study are activities to increase comprehension, rapid response terms that highlight important information, and the pharmacological interventions required for the conditions being discussed. This nursing board exam review allows the student to make decisions about the cases as they unfold and encourages the student to “think like a nurse.” Practicing the role of the nurse is a novel and beneficial review method of studying for the NCLEX.

GraduateX NCLEX-RN review:

GraduateX NCLEX-RN review was designed with several purposes in mind. It is foremost a review and remediation learning path for students who are about to take the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN®; National Council of State Boards of Nursing. This path is also a unique case study workbook for instructors to assign to students throughout their course of undergraduate study for the purposes of

  • assisting faculty in delivering content in an innovative format,
  • assisting students in understanding the nature of clinical thinking, and
  • use in simulation environments.The philosophy of this review is to engage students in active learning using unfolding case studies along with pinpoint practice tests.

In this way, unfolding case studies closely mimic real-life situations in nursing practice and are important situational mental models that are useful in assisting students to problem solve and to actively engage in and use critical-thinking techniques.

Unlike other NCLEX-RN reviews that expect students to answer question after unrelated question, GraduateX NCLEX-RN Review targets core knowledge areas and builds content into the case scenarios, thereby engaging students in the process of having to consider an evolving, and perhaps increasingly complex, clinical situation before answering each question.
As you, the student, work and twist your mind through the unfolding case studies, you will begin to envision being a practicing registered nurse who is actively problem solving and “thinking like a nurse.” Adopting this method of thinking will assist you in developing clinical-thinking skills that are important for NCLEX-RN success in assess- ment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of patient care.

The patient care content areas that are essential to master for NCLEX-RN success—safe and effective care, health promotion, and physiological and psychological integrity—are interwoven throughout the unfolding case studies. You will find this unique format enjoyable; it will help you escape the drudgery of try and error prep, studying flashcards, medical terminology definitions, or simply wasting valuable time applying test-taking tricks without comprehension.

There are at least two schools of thought concerning NCLEX preparation. One asserts that passing the NCLEX is the sole responsibility of the student, the program having provided the curriculum and experiences. The second school of thought asserts that the nursing program is a collaborative partner in the student’s quest for licensure. Measures focusing on the attainment of licensure must be built into the curriculum from nursing foundations to a senior’s curriculum. Every nursing faculty member who teaches undergraduate nursing students needs resource material to use in the course of teaching or to recommend to students as they prepare for the test that will launch their careers.

Let’s face it: The NCLEX-RN is a content-driven test. The unfolding case studies presented in this NCLEX review deliver the content intermingled with active learning strategies along with practice assignments. Many different evaluative forms are used will help you assess your own learning. The question styles used include all those used on the NCLEX-RN licensing examination, including multiple-choice questions, select all that apply, hot spots, matching, true or false, prioritizing, and calculations.

GraduateX review guide package also has timely Tips that help students make easy cognitive connections about content, includes pharmacology principles of each nursing specialty, and has sections devoted completely to the review of medication administration principles.GraduateX authors have heard and listened to the recommendations of nursing students that continuously ask for a pharmacology review that is applied to clinical situations. We look forward to hearing from you and to you soon becoming one of our colleagues in nursing.


It is incumbent on every nursing faculty member involved in undergraduate, prelicense nursing education to know and use the resources that will enable the graduate’s successful career entry. Given the human and fiscal investment that a student makes while pursuing a nursing career, we need more effective tools to enable success on the licensure examination. This review focuses on the current test plan requirements are developed to be a creative and engaging approach to NCLEX preparation that has the potential of ensuring success for YOUR STUDENTS and many more nursing school graduates.

GraduateX is committed to making this the best NCLEX review ever to break the endless review cycle of question after question and to support students’ ability to walk into the NCLEX-RN examination with confidence. This NCLEX learning path is authored and compiled by practicing clinicians: nurses who work at the bedside and know how to multitask, prioritize, and lead novice and experienced nurses alike to success.


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