Our Education Marketing Services for Your Online School

Catalog Development & Design

If you’re looking for a beautiful and effective course catalog that actually converts prospects into enrollments, we’re your team!

All of our catalogs are designed with sales and ROI in mind. They’re visually stunning, look great on all devices and can be finished within a matter of weeks.


We specialize in writing persuasive and emotionally engaging marketing content for education provider partners.

Whether it be a new catalog release, a catalog redesign, a video script or content for your site, our unlimited revision policy and quick turnaround time ensures your message will be acted upon, not forgotten.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer extensive on site and off site SEO services to increase the organic visibility of your education business.

Our work is fully transparent and in keeping with best practices. Our confidence is such that we offer our famous “full money back guarantee SEO”.

Email Marketing & Sales Funnels

Looking for ways to stay in contact with prospects and keep them thinking and wanting your education services?

We’re experts when it comes to writing education specific, goal oriented marketing emails, managing and growing your list, and ensuring high clarity and deliverability.

Pay Per Click

Our PPC team are some of the best in the world at driving qualified student leads and traffic for the education sector.

If you’d like to increase your conversions whilst maintaining a strict focus on ROI, contact us today!

Visual Marketing and Social Media

When it comes to visual marketing and social media, we’re highly experienced at connecting, engaging and interacting with students of all types, across all major platforms.

Our social media marketing is data driven, people based, measurable, results driven and guaranteed to generate student leads and enrollments.

Publish catalogs online. Inspire visitors. Enroll more.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Yes. We're Different.

For over a decade, DFY Catalog has given our partners and clients certainty.

We’re all about results. Results & proof that your marketing dollars are driving more scheduled appointments, pricing inquiries, and “where are you located” phone calls. Over 5,000 companies look to our marketing service + attribution for the insights they need to be successful. We’re certain you’ll love it too.

Building excellent, value customer acquisition is an ongoing process. Our product is born from an everyday focus on the best technology has to offer, customer needs, a willingness to take challenges head-on, and a desire to learn new things.

We sweat the details that others forget about and aren’t afraid to push the envelope of what’s possible.

With our Unique service, you have access to a Done For You partner as well as support from dedicated strategists who’ll help you get the predictable Marketing Results you’re seeking.

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Way Smarter Targeting

We pre-engage customers based on interests, demographics, purchase behavior, and online behavior using smart data and AI.

Exclude current CRM data

Upload CRM data to exclude your current customer profiles in your digital advertising campaigns. Reach new customers consistently.

Contextual Category Targeting

We’ll reach your audience while they’re viewing related content by targeting sites belonging to specific categories, across all of new media.

Results & Repeat Business

We further fuel your business growth as we re-engage previous happy customers throughout their long-term or recurring customer lifecycle.

“Injecting data into closed-loop measurement not only precipitates higher performing marketing campaigns, but actually informs the continued performance of those campaigns as well. And higher performing marketing campaigns tend to equal optimized KPIs — whether that is sales, sign-ups, click-throughs, etc.”

Sara Colston, Marketing Manager – Legal Campaigns

About us (Born & in Texas)


The DFY Catalog company is comprised of a team of seasoned client acquisition professionals, all with many years of experience working with the office of the general counsel, to help law departments develop strategy, create processes, deploy people and client pipelines, leverage technology and measure results with data. Attribution is the sauce!

What We Do (Results!)

Done For You. Done Well.

DFY Catalog is an end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, focused on helping law departments GROW in the second digital age. On your behalf, we enhance performance with measurable results and reduced costs.

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