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Why should I use a specialist online school catalog design agency rather than a standard graphic designer or marketing agency?

You certainly can use a standard agency. However what you won’t get is the ‘science’ behind the design, plus extensive specialized experience of producing catalogs that really work for your business.

Catalog specialists apply design, marketing and copy techniques that are tried and tested to maximize your sales, promote your brand and develop a loyal customer base. They should also have a detailed knowledge of this specialized medium, data and its trends and opportunities.

Producing a catalog is a significant investment for your company and it is not without risk, especially if it is your first. You need to get a return on your investment, get it right first time and be sure your catalog is working as hard as possible for you.

I’ve seen and employed cheaper agencies before. Aren’t you a little more expensive compared to other design agencies?

You would be surprised. We represent excellent value for money – because your catalog will look better, be an effective ambassador for your brand, and be a powerful sales driver – whether via phone or your online shop.

As well as expert design from catalog specialists, our page rate includes unlimited access to advice and support throughout your project and project management if required. We also offer brand positioning copy, product copy and art direction as an integral part of our service, and work with a bank of highly proficient and trusted product photographers.

In addition, as one of our clients, you can benefit from regular catalog performance reviews each year and a free catalog makeover – all within our page rate.

As an independent, privately owned company we are in charge of our own destiny and can work with any of your chosen suppliers and partners. (Some agencies are bound to printers or data agencies). In this way we often manage to save clients money without compromising quality.

And we love startups – talk to us. We know how hard it can be to get going. If we can help you on pricing, we will. We’re like that.

Why should I choose GraduateX's design & marketing team?

If our deep expertise, passion and enthusiasm isn’t enough, here are 8 reasons why you would love working with Catalog Philippines:

  1. 15+ years experience and over 1,500 successful catalogs in retail, B2B and non-profit sectors.
  2. Excellent reputation in the sector for designing high performing catalogs.
  3. A proactive approach: producing catalogs and marketing bespoke to YOUR business and no one else’s. We listen hard to get to the ‘DNA’ of your business and translate that into your catalogue to promote sales.
  4. Our communication: our clients work directly with the creative team responsible for their catalogue, so no middle-men to create muddle – and our Creative Director is intimately involved in all projects.
  5. Our connections: we care about our industry and are in touch with latest data, developments and trends. Our Creative Director is involved at board level in the trade body supporting the Direct and  e-commerce sector.
  6. Our associated services: we provide our clients with services that complement catalog design and sales, including direct marketing, off-the-page and catalog request press advertisements, art direction, branding, digital design, and consultancy.
  7. Our promise: we have never missed a deadline yet and we won’t let you miss yours!
  8. Great value for money – our page rate includes:
  • designing a hard selling catalog that is bespoke to your business, we do not do ‘off the shelf’ catalog designs.
  • ongoing advice and support
  • access to industry contacts, trends, data and best practices
  • project management if required (Photography, design, hosting, distribution).
  • at least 2 extensive review meetings a year
  • a catalog makeover if required.

Who have you worked with?

Our client list includes some of the biggest (and smallest!) brands in business, both in the Philippines and abroad.

From multi-nationals and household names to start-ups and family businesses. Both consumer and B2B. We offer the same quality of work, expertise and service to all. Only the best will do. Check out our growing showcase of deployed catalogs

Aren’t catalogs a thing of the past? Can’t I just rely exclusively on online sales?

Direct sales using digital and print catalogs is a very exciting world at present. Online sales have exploded and are a fantastic opportunity, but it is a hugely competitive market place, with thousands of websites emerging almost daily to compete for customers.

So, there is a reason that knowledgeable retail brand leaders and stakeholders have catalogs as a key part of their marketing mix, despite the online boom – they are highly visual, intrusive, have a long life, and are proven to increase online browsing time and spend. In short catalogs work!

Catalogs have been shown to support and enhance other sales channels including retail outlets and online shopping. You could choose to rely solely on your e-commerce website, but you would be missing out and many big names in retail realize that.

But don’t take our word for it. You might find the studies below of interest:

Market Reach study shows that catalogs are still one of the most penetrating marketing tools available (70% opening rate and can deliver a better quality of customer (loyal and engaged) than online only. 60% of people who receive catalogues go on to buy.

A YouGov study report shows the value of catalogs remains strong in the retail market and it is a proven brand building channel, making your brand and product stand out from the crowd.

What do your clients say about you?

We are never happy until our clients are happy – VERY happy. We work with them with the aim of promoting their business objectives, sales, brand awareness and customer development.

We regularly ask our clients for feedback. Here are some of the things they have said about us:

“ breathed much needed new life into our brand with fresh thinking and great design work. Sales are already way up on last year.”

“Average order value has increased by 3% to $143.00 per order. Number of orders in January increased by over 600 orders year on year, an increase of 18%. Increase of 130 orders from new customers in 1st month of launch. 14% increase in US sales turnover. Catalog requests increased by 430%. Decreased catalog cost from £2.48 to £2.36 per Publication – 5% unit reduction.”

“I returned from the press pass of our fantastically designed spring catalog to find the most lovely surprise of flowers from a wonderful design agency (you don’t know them by any chance do you?) so this is just a quick note to say thank you so much for not only the flowers but as always for crafting our catalogue so beautifully and for being such fun to work with!”

“Just to let you know that February catalogue is the best performing catalogue (in terms of revenue) since January 2010 and this is after only 17 days of trading – good work guys.”

Deciding to buy any service is a big decision. How can you help me to have confidence in your abilities?

We understand that you need to have complete confidence when engaging a new supplier or agency. For many of our clients, choosing Catalog Philippines is a quick and obvious decision – a personal recommendation or a tour of our website is enough.

But also, before you make the final decision to work with us, we will have had discussions about your company and its objectives, and you will have asked us any questions you like. We will have extensively explored, discussed and presented creative proposals to you, with clear pricing. We are also happy to provide independent referrals from specific industries, if required.

We design in-house, so what can you offer us?

In addition to designing catalogs in their entirety for clients, we also work with in-house teams. We offer in-house teams catalog makeover services, we design templates, offer consultancy to challenge established design practices or simply re-imagine up the work that an in-house team can’t accommodate during busy periods.

Our extensive experience and expertise means we can come in and fix and deliver very quickly, working hand in hand with internal teams to perfection.

How do I know you won’t simply give me a catalogue that looks the same as my competitors?

We ONLY produce catalogs that are bespoke to each of the businesses we work with. While there may be a few superficial similarities with a competitor who is doing things well, your catalogue has to convey the individual character of YOUR brand, people, passion and products to succeed for you in a competitive the marketplace.

Can you give me a taster of what you can offer?

Of course. We offer free catalog reviews with no obligation. We also provide our popular ‘Accelerated Deploy’ if you would like a quick design refresh and review of your catalogue and e-mail/mail campaigns.

But the quickest way to see what we’re like is to give us a ring and speak to Adam or Philip. You’ll find it’s 10 minutes well spent, and you’ll put the phone down with new insights and ideas, even if you decide not to proceed any further.

Beyond catalogs, what other service can you provide for us to reach our ultimate goals?

Beyond catalogs and our award winning visual marketing team, we offer a full scale digital marketing menu for your exceptional results. Explore our services here.

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